Why You Should Play Period Cube (It’s because of hot guys, and a good story.)

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You know, there is nothing better to be wrapped up in a great game. What’s even better is to be taken by surprise by a game’s twists and turns. And I am happy to say Period Cube is one of those games.

Period Cube was localized by Aksys Games in April 2017 and developed by Idea Factory’s Otomate division for the Playstation Vita. You play as the heroine, Kazuha (re-namable as usual), who is a high school student looking for her brother, Shiki. Her childhood friend Hiroya, thinks his disappearance has something to do with the RPG game called Arcadia. With his help, you create your character, enter the new server called World V, and off you go. You get onto your suitor of choice’s route very quickly, based on how you handle the first few battles (See my guide here if you are stuck.)

There are seven routes altogether and each suitor has a good and “merry bad end”. There’s quite a diversity among the personalities of the suitors and each one is more or less a different type. Rather than going route by route, I’m just going to talk about my top three guys, Astrum, Radius, and Poyo-poyo, and why I liked them.

Look how happy he is to slay monsters.

Astrum is just an all around good guy. Reminiscence of Kent of Amnesia: Memories, though he is much sweeter and more bitter at the same time. He has a hilarious scream when he’s frustrated. It’s just…easy to relate to him. He’s sweet in World V but very aloof in the real world. He’s resentful of certain things, and his bad end is, well, crazy.

He works alone, and does it with style.

I was very hesitant to start Radius‘ route as I heard he was a just a basic tsundere, and that type just isn’t my thing. But I feel Radius has a ton of kuudere mixed in, he is mean at first, but it thankfully tapers off quickly and he is more distant and hesitant. He is an idol in real life, but does not seem interested in attention, which was a great relief for me as I don’t like the “player” stereotype in otome games. He also admits that the way he treated you in the beginning was mean, which doesn’t always happen with the nasty guys, and that’s soften my cold heart towards him. Plus, he’s hot. When he uses that shadow’s edge, *swoons*. His bad end is also very swoon worthy.

And my final favorite is Poyo-poyo. Major Spoilers ahead.

Poyo-poyo’s route needs to be unlocked (see my guide on how to do so, oh, did I not plug it enough?) and you may have already guessed what the deal is with him once you unlock his route, as one of his CGs unlocks after someone else’s route.

Who am I to judge?

No, you are not dating the elf when you play Poyo-poyo’s route. I don’t know if anyone is disappointed by that (if you are, there is a CG of the heroine giving Poyo-poyo a hug, that’s all you’re getting). No, you are actually in the clutches of…

Shiki! Dun, dun, dun.

I’m glad to see I’m not dating an elf, but also a little afraid because you are CRAZY. Also excited because you are CRAZY.

As you may have guessed in previous routes (and I seriously recommend you save his route for last, um well. you should stop reading if you haven’t played his route), Shiki is…unhinged. He is not thinking clearly, to say the least. He is…a yandere. And he wants to save you no matter what, and will take anyone down if they get in his way.

They’re step-siblings if that’s any better. It’s probably not.

What makes him so much, fun? I was surprised to see he had his own route, and that there even was a real yandere in this localized game given the west’s reaction to Toma. But I love being caught off guard in a game. I want to be emotionally challenged by games, and to keep thinking about the game long after it ends. I don’t always like visual novels where the story is tucked into a neat little package, they love each other, the end. Nope, I like the ugliness of humanity exposed, and that is what Shiki provides.

His tragic backstory for why he was so desperate to make a perfect world for you is compelling, and there is a way to absolve him of his wrongdoing, if you want. Plus, look, it’s a nice fantasy for a guy to love you so much that he creates a whole world for you. I know the west is confused by the fondness for yanderes so I’m going on a tangent here. I’m think yanderes attract people who do not feel loved and feel ignored, and want a release of those feelings. When you feel so strongly, especially when you feel strongly about negative feelings or emptiness, you want them expressed in a powerful way. Well, Shiki delivers. If you are looking for a healthy relationship, maybe go date a human being. I kid, but honestly, don’t knock it till you try it. Otome guys like Shiki are a metaphor for human pain and loneliness, not a reflection of a realistic relationship. The game is rated Mature (17+) for a reason.

One of the strengths of the game is also it’s weakness; there’s something for everyone, but those who are very picky with otome guys will not enjoy 100%-ing the game. I would like to counter that line of thought with the fact that most otome games are not designed to have guys that would appeal to absolutely everyone (calling Amnesia:Memories, beep beep). While Amnesia: Memories is one of my favorite games of all time, it has a route (no, not Toma’s) that almost made me throw my computer on the floor. But I can appreciate for what it is, to put it politely, a very wild ride. And that is the sort of feeling I got while playing Period Cube.

I encourage any otome fan to adopt the mindset that not every route is going to reveal a great guy for you, and just play it to be surprised  at every twist and turn. I did not love every guy in Period Cube, but I was so entertained, it’s definitely going in my top game list for this year.

Buy Period Cube today! (Oh in case anyone is wondering, I do not make any money off of you clicking this link. I just want people to buy these games so we get more in the future.)


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