Gochi-Show! for Girls -How To Learn Japanese Cooking Game-Snapshot Review

To get myself out of my writing funk, I’m going to briefly talk about a game that’s kind of otome-Gochi-Show! for Girls. Disclaimer: I  have not finished the game so this will be about first impressions.

Steam Store Link

Gochi-Show! for Girls was released on Steam in Sept. 2016 and on mobile at some point, which surprised me that it blew past me. Developed and published by Creative Freaks, who also brought us “Burn Your Fat With Me” (exercise otome-lite game), Gochi Show is an otome-lite game. It gives us a background story of you, a college student working with her mother and Kanata, a fellow classmate/part-time worker, at the family’s cafe while her father works overseas. But suddenly your mother is going overseas to stay with your dad! And you insist on being acting manager. Problem is, you have zero idea how to cook! Customers are disgusted by your monstrous dishes and leave. Thankfully, Kanata is going to show you the ropes so you don’t destroy your family’s precious business! As you unlock more of the story, you will get some other guys, Ayato and Reo, to work at the cafe who will show you even more recipes.

Wait, why isn’t Kanata doing all the cooking if he knows how and already works there? Well, then I guess there wouldn’t be a game!


There is a story mode and a recipe section. You unlock three recipes after the prologue, and have to earn points by “making” the food (really you just have to go through the recipes and tell the game you made it). An annoying thing is that you don’t earn points when you go through a recipe in story mode. So you have to review it again in the recipe section to get points. But you can review the same recipe over and over and accumulate points.


The story mode is divided into four sections, the beginning where you meet all the guys, then three other sections for each guy. Each section has several chapters to show you a recipe. The game will show you Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes as you continue to unlock the story.

What makes this an otome-ish kind of game is that you do get to choose responses to the guys and the game makes a happy ping or disgruntled EH depending on your choice. And the guys seem to gain more affection for you as the story goes on. As I have not completed the game, I am not sure if you get any endings.

This really is a game for someone who wants to learn how to cook Japanese food. If you’re looking solely for otome, this is not going to do it for you.


As for the cooking itself, I haven’t tried to cook anything as I need to track down some of the Japanese spices, but the instructions are clear and the guys will also give you advice the very basics, like how to chop things in different ways and heat up the pans. They assume you know nothing because the MC knows nothing. It can be helpful for the novice cook who has no idea how to grease a pan, roughly chunk, grate, and julienne things (I always forget what this means). So the game has some extra value there with the basic cooking hints. At the end, you can get additional advice if your dish had an issue, like being too sweet or spicy.

At $4.99 on Steam, if you don’t know how to cook at all and/or want to learn Japanese cooking in particular, I’d say this is an entertaining and pretty cheap way to do it. And if you have made something with the recipes, I’d love to see it!


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